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    Do YOU qualify for a Special Enrollment?
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    Will YOU Owe a tax penalty in 2015?
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    Even though Open Enrollment is over, we can help you get coverage!
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    The Employer Mandate - Does it Affect YOU?
    How much will YOUR Company health plan
    cost in 2015?
    How will YOUR Decisions affect employees in
    What are YOUR Options in 2015?
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    Best Practices Health Insurance Delivery
    Associations, Franchises, Trade Groups, Brokers, TPA's and FSO's
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American Health insurance eXchange

The American Marketplace is an electronic online health insurance private exchange where you can easily shop and evaluate health insurance plans. Our technology uses direct access carrier feeds for pricing, enrollment and service. Our people use a hands on needs-based approach to provide easy to understand guidance and recommendations, while also helping to utilize available tax credits you or your company may be eligible for.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Health insurance doesn't have to be complicated

My agent has done a great job getting me all of the information and guidance in acquiring health care plans. Thanks so much!!!

- D.H. - Castle Hayne, NC

I recently applied for group health insurance. Your agent handled this process. He was extremely helpful, thorough and timely.

- K.V. - Nevada, MO

I am extremely pleased with the process I experienced with your company. The agent answered all my questions and my insurance was effective in a week.

- S.S. - Omaha, NE

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