Every state has its own set of rules when it comes to health insurance, which is why finding the right policy can feel like an overwhelming process. But before you begin searching, take the time to learn more about Virginia’s health insurance options and costs so that you can better choose the best one for you and your family.

Best Health Insurance in Virginia

Virginia currently doesn’t enforce an individual mandate, which means that its residents could choose to go uninsured without facing a penalty. However, having coverage is the single best way to avoid unforeseen medical debt, which could lead to bankruptcy or even home foreclosure. When choosing health insurance, Virginia residents have the option to choose between two types of plans:

Residents also have the option to opt for non-qualified alternatives, including temporary health insurance. For those who decide to go without coverage, note that Virginia does not implement the individual mandate requirement, which means that residents do not have to pay a fine for going uninsured.

Qualified plans are compliant with the Affordable Care Act, which satisfies the ten Essential Health Benefits, a set of benefits that are guaranteed to cover specific healthcare costs without discriminating against age, gender, location, or lifestyle choices.

Non-qualified plans are not ACA-compliant, but they are typically much cheaper while still offering an adequate amount of coverage depending on your needs.

These Virginia Health Insurance Plans can help cover individual, family, and short term healthcare costs.

Virginia Health Insurance Plans Fit for Your Needs and Budget

Virginia currently uses the federally run exchange, which means that applicants can enroll through the HealthCare.Gov website, or private exchange like AHiX Marketplace—but this state is also unique because it conducts its own plan management. This means that Virginia has an active role in overseeing all plans sold in the exchange. However, the state is working to transition into an entirely state-run marketplace, which helps assist citizens in applying for marketplace coverage to comply with the Affordable Care Act.

Whether or not Virginia enacts this type of exchange, residents still have the option to choose from different types of coverages, like an individual, family, or short-term coverage plan.

Individual Health Insurance

Individual health insurance is a type of coverage you purchase if you are only covering yourself. You can get it through your employer or the public or private exchange. In Virginia, individuals who choose to purchase health insurance can expect these monthly premiums for a qualified plan (40 years old, in zip code 20101):

For ACA qualified plans, individuals can expect these average costs of premiums in Virginia (Age 40, Zip code 20101):

  • Single Adult

    Single adult

  • Married Couple

    Married Couple


However, if you are a healthy adult with no pre-existing conditions, you could also consider non-qualified plans. They do not have the same comprehensive benefits as qualified plans do, but they are typically much less expensive and still can offer decent coverage.

Family Health Insurance

VFamily health insurance is for families with at least one spouse and dependent. You can purchase qualified and non-qualified plans through AHiX Marketplace. You can also get coverage from your employer. Medicare is intended for seniors 65 years and older, so these are not viable options for families. If you're family income is less than 138% of the 2020 federal poverty level ($42,338 for a family of 5), you may qualify for Medicaid.

In Virginia, a family could expect these monthly premiums under a qualified plan (zip code 20101):

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with one child

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with two children

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with three children


Families who are unable to pay these premiums may qualify for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), but you would have to meet Medicaid’s eligibility requirements. Another option is to select a non-qualified plan, which is much cheaper with different sets of coverage options that is ideal for healthy families without any pre-existing conditions.

Virginia Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance in Virginia

Short-term health insurance is a great alternative for those who are looking for more permanent coverage. As a temporary plan, short-term health insurance is ideal for:

  • Young adults who are no longer on their parents’ qualified health plan.
  • People who are waiting for Open Enrollment for Obamacare to begin.
  • Bridging the gap until you get on your spouse’s or new employer’s health plan.
  • Those looking for an affordable alternative to the full cost of ACA coverage.

In Virginia, you can purchase coverage for up to 12 months (364 Days). If you still need coverage after 12 months, you will need to purchase a new 12 month policy. AHiX Marketplace offers easy online enrollment with multiple short term medical carriers in Virginia.

Find the Right Virginia Health Insurance Plans Today

Ahix Marketplace offer a wide selection of private health insurance plans in Virginia for individuals and families. It can take a long time to find the perfect plan at the right price. Whether you’re searching for coverage for yourself or the whole family, you have first to assess your needs and budget so you can accurately choose the right one.

The good news is that AHiX Marketplace is a free marketplace that allows you to browse through hundreds of available qualified and non-qualified plans in Virginia. Designed to do the work for you, AHiX Marketplace can help you find your new plan with just the click of a button. Find your new policy today.