Searching for the right health insurance plan can be a long and overwhelming process—but before you make any decisions for you and your family, it’s best to understand the ins and outs of your state’s requirements.

Maryland Health Insurance Plans

Maryland has elected to use a state based marketplace for enrollment in qualified health plans (QHP). If you choose a qualified plan, you can enroll through Maryland Health Connection. With a private exchange like AHiX Marketplace, you have access to affordable non-qualified plans and supplemental coverages not offered at the state exchange.

In addition to qualified plans under the ACA, citizens also have the option to purchase non-qualified plans. There are a few main differences between these policies:

Qualified plans are ACA-compliant policies that provide coverage for the ten Essential Health Benefits, which guarantees coverage for several services, including emergency, maternity, prescription drugs, and more.

Non-qualified plans are not ACA-compliant, which means that they don’t guarantee coverage for essential services, but they are typically much more affordable and can still offer comprehensive coverage.

Both plans are purchasable for individuals and families in Maryland. Learn more about the general costs and options for these types of policies

Health Insurance in Maryland for Individuals

Individual health insurance is a type of coverage that you purchase for yourself. In Maryland, a single adult or married couple can expect to pay these premiums for qualified insurance (40 years old, zip code 21117):

  • Single Adult

    Single adult

  • Married Couple

    Married Couple


While qualified plans are great at providing guaranteed services for all individuals, the monthly premiums can get a little pricey. If you are a healthy adult looking to save money on their premiums, then you could also consider non-qualified plans.

Health Insurance in Maryland for Family

Family health insurance is an extensive coverage plan designed to ensure the entire family, which includes you, your spouse, and any dependents. In Maryland, married couples with children can expect these average premiums for qualified plans (40 years old, zip code 21117):

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with one child

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with two children

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with three children


Qualified plans are among the most popular options for families, especially with young children or family members with pre-existing conditions. Even so, these premiums can get expensive over time, which is why some families in good health may opt for cheaper options like non-qualified plans.

Maryland Short Term Health Insurance

Short-Term Health Insurance in Maryland

Short-term health insurance is the best way to bridge the gap between temporary coverage and finding something more permanent. These plans usually benefit people in specific coverage situations, especially if you:

  • Missed the Open Enrollment deadline for Obamacare
  • Were recently removed from your parents’ qualified plan
  • Are waiting to join your spouse’s or employer’s plan

While the federal regulations allow short-term coverage for 364 days with renewals up to 36 months, Maryland has its own regulations. The state limits short-term plans to three months and prohibits renewal. There is some good news for Maryland residents, though: Once your short-term plan has expired, you are allowed to apply for a second policy with a new application.

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