Every state has its own set of regulations when it comes to health insurance coverage and costs. So before you begin searching for the right health plan, it’s wise to first get to know your state’s stances and requirements. As a Kansas resident, you have several options when selecting and buying health insurance.

Best Health Insurance in Kansas

Kansas currently uses the federally-run exchange, which means that residents who would like a qualified plan—also known as Obamacare—under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) must register through HealthCare.Gov. But even though Kansas has this exchange partnership, the state is known for its reluctance towards adopting most of the ACA’s benefits, such as being one of the few states that have not expanded Medicaid.

Even so, Kansas residents have the option to choose between two types of policies:

Qualified plans are ACA-compliant and guarantee coverage on the ten Essential Health Benefits. These benefits include numerous services such as emergency care, prenatal and maternity assistance, mental health treatment, and more.

Non-qualified plans are not ACA-compliant, which means that each insurer may offer different types of services with fewer coverage options. Even so, these plans are significantly cheaper and can still be comprehensive, depending on your needs.

Both qualified and non-qualified plans are available for purchase in Kansas through AHiX Marketplace

Individual Health Insurance Kansas

Individual health insurance is a type of coverage that you purchase for yourself. In Kansas, a single adult or married couple can expect to pay these monthly premiums (Age 40, Zip code 66101):

  • Single Adult

    Single adult

  • Married Couple

    Married Couple


While these plans can be obtained through your employer or your spouse’s policy, qualified plans are sometimes too expensive when purchased independently. A great alternative is to consider non-qualified plans, which are cheaper and can still offer various types of coverage.

Kansas Family Health Insurance

Family health insuranceplans are essential types of coverage for any size family. Intended to cover you, your spouse, and any dependents, qualified plans are available in Kansas with these average premiums each month (age 40, zip code 67201):

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with one child

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with two children

  • Health Maintenance Organization

    A married couple with three children


Health insurance is the best way to prevent unforeseen medical costs that may cause significant debt to the entire family. Even so, this precautionary measure can be expensive for low-income families, which is why it can be beneficial to look into the less costly non-qualified plans.

Iowa Short Term Health Insurance

Short Term Health Insurance in kansas

Short-term health insurance is a helpful tool when you are searching for more permanent coverage. Acting as a temporary coverage in the event of an emergency, short-term coverage is very beneficial if:

  • You missed the Open Enrollment deadline for Obamacare
  • You’re waiting to get on your spouse’s or employer’s health plan
  • You’ve recently been removed from your parents’ qualified plan

As expected, each state has different regulations when it comes to these policies. Although federal law allows 364-day terms with renewals up to 36 months, Kansas limits the term to 12 months (364 Days). When the coverage expires, you cannot buy another short term plan with the same carrier for 30 days. If you still need coverage, you will need to choose a different insurance carrier. AHiX Marketplace offers easy online enrollment with multiple short term medical carriers in Kansas.

Find the Right Kansas Health Insurance Plans

Whether you’re looking for the perfect plan or thinking about changing your existing one, finding one that works for you and your family can be frustrating.

The good news is that it’s never been easier to find the right plan thanks to AHiX Marketplace. As a free marketplace with tons of qualified and non-qualified plans, take the time to browse through AHiX Marketplace and find the right plan today!